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Students work together on a science experiement, pouring blue liquid from one beaker to another
Global Outcomes: Deepening Learning

Eighth grader Carrie Leivestad pours liquid into 4th grader Maddie Young's beaker to demonstrate a science task that Leivestad designed in her STEAM class.  Read more HERE about how students in EPSD are using creativity and collaboration to amplify their learning.

Student and teacher talk to each other
Gratitude: Where the Shift Begins

The early teen years are a time of big changes for children. Relationships with peers and positive adult role models become even more important for adolescents. At EPMS, students benefit from a school community that supports their growth both academically and socially. Gratitude is one attitude that is being promoted this week (and always!) at EPMS. Read more HERE.

Family of 5 gathers at a table with a teacher who has a computer and books in front of her
Parent-Teacher Conferences Round Out Quarter 1

EPMS welcomed parents and guardians to the building to learn about their students' progress during Quarter 1.

Here, the Velani family visits with Mrs. Sunday about what is happening in Geography 6!

Boy runner crosses finish line on a track with large black and white finish arch over his head
Fall Season Finishes

Over 100 middle school students at EPMS have wrapped up a successful fall sports season that began in early August. Nearly 47% of EPMS students participated sports this season including: Football, volleyball, cross country, swimming, and soccer.

This is the view that most cross country participants had of eighth grader Caleb Estanol. He finished in the top 10 in every race he ran this season, with a PR of 12:14 in Lyons, CO (2.175 miles).

Girls pose in a group on the volleyball court with EPMS behind them
Go Bobcats!

Middle school brings lots of new experiences, including participation in competitive sports. The EPMS volleyball team improves each time they step onto the court!